Woman Awarded Compensation For Fall

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A woman has been awarded €13.150 in compensation by the Circuit Court after she slipped and fell on a moving walkway in a Dublin Shopping Centre in December 2007.

Nuala Holloway Casey (60) from Blackrock in Dublin caught her shoe heel in a hole on the walkway and fell damaging her left ankle. The court heard how Ms Holloway Casey had been forced to give up tennis as a result of the injury she sustained. Although Secret Retail Holdings (trading as Superquinn Shopping Centre) and Kine (Ireland) Limited admitted liability for her injury they were in dispute with the victim over the amount of compensation that should be award as Ms Holloway Casey failed to seek professional medical care for ten days after the incident, she also adversely affected the injury in a separate fall in 2009.

The judge awarded the victim €12,000 compensation for her fall and €1,250 to account for expenses incurred as a direct result of the accident.



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