Child Compensated for Catastrophic Sport Injury

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A child has been awarded 14.5 million dollars in compensation in an out of court settlement. Steven Domalewski suffered a catastrophic concussion injury aged just 12-years-old in 2006 while partaking in a baseball game.

Playing has a pitcher, the victim suffered a cardiac arrest when the player who Steven pitched to hit the ball back and it hit him on the chest. It was 20 minutes before the victim regained consciousness but as a result of oxygen starvation to the brain, he suffered irreversible brain damage.

The victim’s family pursued a claim for compensation on the grounds that a metal baseball bat should not have been used in a children’s game. Little League Baseball denied any responsibility for the injury. However solicitors acting on the victim’s behalf argued that Little Leage Baseball had in fact limited the strength of metal baseball bats to that of wooden ones in 2008 resulting in an eighty per cent reduction in injuries to pitchers.

The trial was about to begin when the State Superior Court in Passaic County a settlement had been reached between the two parties.



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