Dublin Bus ordered to release CCTV Footage

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In the Dublin High Court a judged has ordered Dublin Bus to release CCTV accident footage of a claimant to solicitors.

Mr Justice John Hedigan made the ruling the bus company had repeatedly stalled releasing the footage. They argued that the information they possessed was privileged and as it could be used as potential evidence in litigation, Dublin Bus refused to release the footage.

In October 2009 a female claimed that she had sustained an injury on Dublin Bus the previous year but the company did not accept liability. The claimant’s solicitors learned of the footage while they were preparing for court action and despite repeated requests for the footage, Dublin bus refused to hand it over.

In July 2011 Judge Jacqueline Linnane ruled in the claimants favour that the CCTV footage should be released but Dublin Bus appealed the decision to the High Court where Mr Justice John Hedigan found in favour of the claimant.



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