Increase in Injury Assessments in the Past Year

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There has been a 12 per cent increase in the value of Injuries Board Assessments in Ireland from 186 million in 2010 to 210 million in 2011 according to Injuries Board Ireland.

These statistics are only a reflection of the claims that have been assessed by the Injuries Board, compensation that was awarded by the High Court, where a settlement was negotiated or claims for medical negligence were not included.

The report shows that 35 per cent (9,834) of the claims received (27,669) were assessed and that the majority of injury claims were resolved through negotiations between the claimant’s solicitors and the insurance companies without the need of involvement from the Injuries Board.
The primary reason for an Injury Board Assessment was once again due to a road traffic accidents it accounted for 76.5 per cent of all assessment requests. Claims for work-related injuries fell from 11 per cent to 8.4 per cent with public liability claims (15.1 per cent) making up the remainder of the figure.



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