Mistakes lead to Four Hospital Deaths

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Four hospital patients died between January 2004 and December 2010 after they were given medication for which it was known they an allergy according to the State Claim Agency. Studies conducted on behalf of the Agency and the Health Service Executive found that errors were occurring due the complexity of the system of administering the medicines.

Figures released show that in a seven year period 35,310 medication errors were recorded although in 95 per cent of cases this did not result in any harm to the patient. Despite the acknowledgement of more the 5,000 medical errors each year, it is claimed by patient lobby groups that such incidents are still under reported in Ireland.

However patient lobby groups claim that despite the acknowledgement of more than 5,000 medication errors each year, patient treatment incidents are under-reported in Ireland – a view shared by “Patient Focus”, who claim that the scale of the problem has not been accepted by the medical profession.



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