Compensation Awarded to Whiplash Injuries Victim

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A judge has awarded compensation to a young man for whiplash injuries sustained when the car he was travelling in collided with a wall.

In December 2010, John Connors (fifteen years old at the time of the incident) was travelling along the Kiltipper Road in Tallaght in his aunt Bridget’s car when she accidentally drove into a wall. John was transported to hospital, where he was diagnosed with and treated for soft tissue injuries to his neck and back. He had to return to hospital several more times to receive physiotherapy for his injuries.

On his son’s behalf, John’s father made a claim for compensation for passenger injuries due to whiplash against Bridget. She admitted liability for the injuries sustained, but contested the Injuries Board’s assessment of compensation. As a result, the case was brought before the Civil Court.

Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard that there was confusion over John’s claim for passenger injuries due to whiplash as a similar action was being pursued in County Cork.

The judge heard that John’s late father had taken John to consult with a solicitor’s firm shortly after the car accident, but John could not recall the names of the solicitors, or where they could be located.

The claim for compensation was before Judge Groarke for the assessment of damages only. The judge questioned if John had suffered any long-term injuries as a result of the accident. John responded that the soft tissue injuries had healed after the incident. John stated that suffered from a liver condition-unrelated to his aunt’s accident-that prevented him from drinking alcohol, and would cause John to age prematurely.

The judge awarded John €10,000 as compensation for passenger injuries due to whiplash that he sustained in the car accident. The judge also awarded him the costs of legal action. Judge Groarke commented that John had undeniably suffered some soft tissue damage to his neck and back as a consequence of the accident.

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