€35,000 Awarded to Family of Child Car Crash Victim

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A family has been awarded €35,000 in compensation for the tragic loss of their four-year-old boy after their car collided with that of a negligent driver earlier this year.

In April of this year, Ciaran Treacy of County Laois was travelling in his mother’s car with his brother-Sean-and mother-Gillian-when it was involved in a head-on collision along the Portarlington to Portlaoise Road. Sean (8) and Gillian were badly injured after the accident, but unfortunately, Ciaran was killed.

The driver of the other vehicle-Finbar O’Rourke-was deemed negligent, and was arrested for dangerous driving causing death at the scene. Finger’s case is still to be heard. Ciaran’s father-Ronan-made a claim for compensation for a fatal car accident, in account of the mental trauma experienced by the members of his family in response to Ciaran’s death.

The defendants did not contest Ronan’s claim, and the case was brought to the Civil Circuit Court in Dublin. Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard the case, and awarded the family €35,000 in compensation for the accident. This is the maximum settlement that can be awarded for mental distress over the loss of a loved one under Civil Liability Act 1961.

The compensation is due to be divided between the members of Ciaran’s family. Ronan and Gillian-who is confined to a wheelchair for life due to her injuries-are each to receive €10,000 for the loss of their son. Ciara’s two siblings-Sean and Caoimhe-are each to receive €5,000. His grandparents on each side of the family are to receive €1,250 each.

The judge approved of the distribution of compensation among the family, and awarded Ronan a further €8,000 to cover funeral costs. The judge expressed the court’s deep sympathy at the tragic loss of the young boy from the family.

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