Compensation Awarded for Wrist Injury Victim

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A woman has been awarded compensation for a wrist injury that she sustained in a car accident which caused her to give up her profession and outdoor lifestyle.

In December, 2011, Denise Murray (49) was involved in a car accident in Lucan, County Dublin. As a result of the accident, she damaged her heel and her right wrist. Denise’s heel eventually healed, but her wrist injury didn’t. Denise was a successful horse trainer, but the damage that she sustained to her wrist prevented her from returning to work.

After seeking legal advice, Denise made a claim for compensation for a wrist injury in a car accident, stating that as a result of not being able to return to work, she lost her primary source of income. She had to give up her outdoor life so that she could work in a clerical job in a village post office. She claimed that as a consequence of the wrist injury, her hand was too weak to ride. She stated that the slightest twitch in her wrist could cause her to suffer severe pain.

Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard the case at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin. He was informed that the steroid indirections that had been given to the base of Denise’s thumb did not succeed in healing her injury. He was further told that the only option left for Denise would be to undergo surgery to insert pins into her wrist, but that this action could not guarantee success. The judge was also told the Denise had an arthritic condition in her wrist that had been aggravated by the accident.

During the hearing, Denise told the judge of how simple household tasks such as opening jars of turning keys in locks became extremely difficult for her. She had almost entirely lost the use of her dominant hand, and the painkillers that she had been given did not agree with her and made her feel sick. Denise claimed that before the accident, she had been a DIY enthusiast, but had to give it up as she was unable to participate in this activity using only her left hand.

When the hearing was complete, the judge awarded Denise €30,500 in compensation for a wrist injury in a car accident. He stated that Denise should have had many more years of enjoying her outdoor lifestyle had in not been for the car accident.

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