Hair Colour Rash Case Resolved Out-of-Court

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The case of a woman who had to take steroids and antihistamines for an irritable rash that developed due to hair colour treatment she received at a Dublin hairdressers has been resolved out-of-court.

In November 2010, Grainne Moynihan (33) visited her hairdressers in William Street South, Dublin, to have her hair cut and receive a colouring treatment. After the treatment had been given, Grainne developed an itchy and irritable rash on her ears, neck, and scalp as a result of an allergic reaction to the hair colouring.

Grainne received medical attention for the rash. The doctors that she consulted prescribed her oral steroids and antihistamine medication in an attempt to reduce symptoms of the rash.

Grainne sought legal counsel, and made a claim for compensation for hair colouring rash against Coiffeur Salons Ltd, trading as Dylan Bradshaw. The defendants denied liability for the rash, stating that they had not been negligent in any manner. The company entered a full defence against the claim which was due to be heard by Judge Matthew Deery at the Circuit Civil Court.

However, before the scheduled hearing was due to begin, Judge Deery was informed that an undisclosed settlement of Grainne´s compensation claim for a hair colouring rash had been agreed and that the case could be struck off.



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