Girl Receives €50,000 in Compensation for Accident on Ryanair Plane

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A young girl has received €50,000 in compensation for an accident which occurred on a Ryanair plane, resulting in her fracturing her skull.

In September 2010, Klaudia Adamczyk (eight years old at the time of the accident) of Wroclaw, Poland, was travelling with her family on a Ryanair flight from Wroclaw to East Midlands in the UK. As passengers started to retrieve their cabin luggage, a heavy item of luggage fell from the overhead bin and struck Klaudia on the back of her head.

Initially, Klaudia showed no sign of injury, but ten days later the young girl’s mother noticed blood in her ear and took her to hospital. A Cat-scan was taken of Klaudia’s head, and it was revealed that Klaudia sustained a fracture to the base of her skull and had to be admitted to hospital for treatment.

Klaudia was unable to participate in any physical activity for six months following the treatment, and to this day continues to experience frequent headaches. Betty Adamcyk-Klaudia’s mother-sought legal counsel, and made a claim for compensation for an injury on a Ryanair flight. The claim was made in Ireland, as it is the company’s principal place of business.

Betya claimed that the item of luggage which struck her daughter had been forced into the overhead bin without due diligence and that the flight crew had been negligent in their distribution of cabin luggage. The defendants denied that the injury had been due to the negligence of their crew.

Just prior to Klaudia’s claim being heard in court by Ms Justice Mary Irvine, the judge was informed that an offer of compensation for an injury on a Ryaniar flight had been negotiated without admission of liability, and that a settlement of €50,000 had been offered. As Klaudia was a minor at the time of the incident, this sum needed to be approved on her behalf by a judge.

After hearing the circumstances of Klaudia´s accident, Ms Justice Mary Irvine approved the settlement, commenting that the experience must have been very distressing for the young girl.

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