Girl Receives Compensation for Finger Damaged in Door Accident

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A young girl has received compensation from a pharmacy after her finger sustained considerable damage in an accident involving the pharmacy’s doors.

In November 2012, Julia Roman (who was just six-years-old at the time of the incident) was leaving the Doc Morris Pharmacy in Lucan, County Dublin when her finger was caught in the door of the shop. Julia suffered from a severed fingertip and lost a nail as a result of the incident. Julia was rushed to the Emergency Department of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, where the medical staff on hand were able to put Julia under general anaesthetic and reattach her fingertip.

Julia was required to return to hospital on several occasions following the accident so that doctors could assess how her injury was healing, and change her dressings. Julia was left with a small scar on her finger, and was rendered unable to continue with her piano training due to recurring pain in her finger.

On her daughter’s behalf, Elena Roman made a claim for compensation for finger injury in a door accident against the owners of the Doc Morris Pharmacy-Unicare Pharmacy Ltd-and the company that had installed the doors-Lovco Cleaning and Building Services of Tallaght.

The defendants admitted liability for Julia’s injury, and made an offer of compensation amounting to €40,000. The family agreed to the settlement that had been made, but since the compensation was being offered to a minor, the sum had to be approved by a judge in court to ensure that it was in Julia’s best interests.

The approval hearing took place at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin, where it was heard by Mr Justice Raymond Groarke. The judge was informed to the consequences of Julia’s unfortunate accident, and how it had affected the young girl’s quality of life. The judge approved of the €40,000 settlement of compensation for finger injury in a door accident.

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